So, I have to admit, I'm kind of obsessed with Lifehacker. There are just so many interesting tools and tips there, I can't get enough of reading it. Interestingly, some of my favorite tips and tricks on the site are related to productivity. Using to do lists well, getting things done, setting goals, etc. are all things that are really interesting to me. Just as interestingly, I'm a terrible procrastinator, and I often spend my time procrastinating by reading productivity tips. </confession>

One thing I discovered sort of through lifehacker, and sort of through my obsessive search for cool Android apps, is the Do It (Tomorrow) to do list. When I first got it, it was an Android only app, which was neat, but not quite good enough. I don't really want to have to pull out my phone to check on my to do list throughout the day. However, they recently added a web interface with syncing to the app at That was enough for me to really get into it. I can add tasks on either the website or my phone, and they are automagically synced.

The premise of the Do It (Tomorrow) principle is that you really can't think about getting things done beyond the next day. After that, it's just a jumble of "someday" tasks. With DIT, you can add tasks to today or tomorrow. Anything you don't finish today is automatically added to the to do list tomorrow, and anything you added to tomorrow is automatically pushed to today when tomorrow comes. If tomorrow never comes, well, you just won't get it done. </Garth Brooks>

Anyway, this is a really simple to do list that gives me pretty much exactly what I need from my list. Hopefully it will enable me to avoid so much procrastination and actually start getting some stuff done. Like a dissertation for example. Or homework. Or becoming awesome.

What tools do you use to get things done?