I'm not a frequent blogger. I've given blogging a go several times in the past five or so years, and it's never really stuck with me. Or rather, I've never really stuck with it. I've done self-hosted Wordpress, Drupal, and Jekyll. I also have a Tumblr blog I used for a few months, and an old Wordpress.com hosted blog that I've abandoned. Most recently I tried out blogging on Google+ following the advice of G+ addict +Mike Elgan.

In his article about blogging on Google+, Mike makes some really great points. It is very easy to share, connect, comment, and just generally interact with people on G+. Unfortunately, it's not (yet) designed to be a blogging platform.

The biggest limitation I felt when using Google+ as a blog is the inability to have true hyperlinks. Sure, you can have a bunch of links in a post, but URLs are ugly. Nobody wants to see the full URL of an Android application, or even of another Google+ post. So when composing a post, it is limited to the one link that G+ turns into a prettified link at the bottom.

Another issue I have with G+ blogging is the lack of permanence. I use my blog as a way to record things I learn, and hopefully to help others who may run into similar problems that I have. With Google+, I feel like anything older than the past 5 posts disappears. I know it's still there, but there's no easy way for me to get to it. A regular old blog lets me have tags, categories, and an archive. All things that I find useful for organizing my stored knowledge.

So, here I am back on Wordpress giving blogging another try. Maybe I'll stick with it, and maybe I won't. But I have given Google+ a fair shake, and it just didn't work out. At least not yet.