If blog regularly on Blogger/Blogspot/whatever it's called, you have probably run into the frustration that is adding pictures to a post. While it is possible, it is certainly not an easy task to get pictures where you want them, with the text around them like you like. For all you Windows users out there, there is an easier way. It's called Windows Live Writer.

Windows Live Writer is a free tool provided by Microsoft to make blogging simple. All you have to do is download this program to your computer, add your blogger account, and away you go. For those of you using Windows XP, there's a version of Windows Live Writer for you, too.

After you've added your Blogger account, you can easily create posts, edit them, save drafts, and add pictures just like you would if you were writing in Word. Just hit "Publish" and all your pictures will be uploaded and your post will be public. It really is the simplest way I know of to add pictures to a blog without all the formatting and moving around trouble that the typical online editor gives you.