I love Evernote. And I love Launchy. But it turns out that combining the two was more difficult than I expected. All I wanted was a way to add a new note to Evernote from Launchy without having to open up Evernote's whole interface and do all sorts of clicking and such. After a bunch of digging, and a little bit of scripting, I finally created a way to do it.

Take the evernoteadd.bat script and place it anywhere you want. Replace my "_INBOX" with whatever default folder you want these notes to go to. Then simply create a Launchy action in Runner with this batch file as the program, and "$$" "$$" as the arguments. To create a new note from Launchy, type the name of the action you created, hit TAB, type the title of the note TAB text of the note RETURN.

Download the script

UPDATE: Thanks to StackOverflow, I figured out a way to make the script work without a temp file. I've updated the script accordingly