This is a ridiculous question, but have you ever found an article online that you wanted to read later? Bookmarks just don’t seem to fit the bill for me in that situation. A bookmark is a commitment. It means I want to keep this site around for reference into forever. Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) fits the bill perfectly here.

The beauty of Pocket is that it’s everywhere. The Chrome extension lets you click a button in the browser and save a page to read later. The Android (or iOS) app lets you save articles from Twitter, the web browser, or a million other apps. It keeps all your saved articles in a queue that you can read either in the app or on the website.

Another beauty of Pocket that beats the heck out of bookmarks is the Archive. I have a record of all the articles that I have saved to read, but it’s kept neatly out of sight. It also lets me tag articles so they can be all organized and stuff. I don’t use that feature much, but I can see how it would be useful.

So pretty much, if you are the kind of person who reads a lot of stories and articles online, look into Pocket. It’s the awesomesauce.